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Recognition of Academic Qualification for Refugees without documentation

Refugees, who have obtained international protection and wish to access the services of Academic Qualification Recognition, but are not able to produce the necessary documentation, may apply for the Academic Diploma Recognition by attaching:

  1. Identity Document or document certifying international protection status
  2. Self-certification containing the following information:
    1. Title(s) of study obtained;
    2. Year of title’s obtainement;
    3. Country and Institution where it was obtained;
    4. Final grade;
    5. List of the exams passed and relative grades;
    6. Study programme of the exams passed;
    7. In case the degree course has not been completed:
      1. Year of the first enrolment;
      2. Faculty or Degree course;
      3. Exams passed;
      4. ECTS credits (if available).

The Evaluation Committee will carry out the verification of compliance in respect of both the title equivalence, in relation to the university system of origin and the institution that issued the document, and the courses’ programmes of the exams passed compared to the programmes of the courses at the University, which conducts the evaluation.

The result of the evaluation phase will consist in a Statement of recognition, stating the recognition of the qualification obtained in the case of complete symmetry with the courses’ programmes and the qualifications issued by the University-evaluator, or, in other case, the list of debits and the path of supplementary study to be completed in order to obtain the qualification in the country where the new enrolment has been required.

The enrolment in the university will occur only after the Commissions, consisting of professors belonging to the different degree courses, will be carried out the evaluations through special exams to verify the validity and the skills stated by the refugees in the self-certification.

In this section the following sheets are available: