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Mutual rights and duties

This area aims to educate refugees and immigrants as well as Italian citizens on the value of respecting differences. "Mutual Rights and Duties" helps foreigners living in Italy to get familiar with the Italian rules, norms, cultures, religions featuring the hosting country, and Italian and European citizens with the history, culture, religions and laws regulating the governments of the countries of origin of foreigners (professionals, immigrants and refugees).

Essential requirement for all the citizens of this new European globalized and interconnected society is the ability to acquire the knowledge that allows people to live and experience themselves in respect of differences.  On this portal all the Italian, European and foreign citizens will be able to access contents and tools in order to prepare themselves for the confrontation with the diversity.

"This is the only way to establish an open and fair dialogue, starting from the knowledge and mutual respect for different cultures and their differences." (Maria Amata Garito)