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Recognition of Academic Qualifications

In this area, refugees and immigrants can find the information needed for the recognition of university credits and academic qualifications obtained abroad. In particular, inter-university Committees of Professors, organized by faculties, have the responsibility of evaluating the qualifications obtained by refugees and immigrants in their countries of origin.

The refugees, who are not able to submit appropriate documentation for the recognition of qualifications obtained in their countries of origin, must fill in a special form, where qualifications and certifications obtained should be described, as well as provide a respective self-certification. The Committees of Professors, linked to the scientific disciplinary sectors of each faculty, will verify the documents and carry out exams in order to ascertain the validity of self-certifications.

A positive result of the evaluation will enable the refugees to enroll in university degree courses in accordance with the competence level verified through the exams. These verifications have the objective of reinserting refugees in the higher education circuit that best suits to their specific skills.

This section contains the following sub-sections: