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ECTS Recognition

Due to this service the students will be able to ask for the recognition of University Educational Credits deriving from professional activities and from previous certified study courses, even if they did not complete them.

The Board of Directors will make deliberations with regards to the recognition of University Educational Credits for specific professional categories. These deliberations will be published as soon as they will be approved.

The Recognition of the University Educational Credits may be required:

  1. Through a proper application to the Rector that you can fill by clicking here: ECTS RECOGNITION FORM;
  2. By filling in and sending the Unique Form for ECTS Recognition completed to the email address cfu@uninettunouniversity.net

In the phase of ECTS evaluation foreign students must accompany the Unique Form for ECTS Recognition with the Declaration of Value and translation issued by the Italian Embassy located in the country of origin of the title/examination, which should be assessed.

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