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I learn Italian - The Treasure of the Letters

The teaching of the Italian language will be activated with the inscription of the first students.

The course of Italian language “I learn Italian. The Treasure of the Letters” allows foreigners to learn to read and write Italian.

The video course is composed of 80 videolessons, related to the textbooks with exercises, and to the specific moments of verification through virtual classrooms. The course is available on the Internet, also through apps for mobile devices (smartphones and tablets).


The psycho-pedagogical model adopted for the course has been designed by Maria Amata Garito. This model combines the synthetic method with the analytical global one.

The video professor, prof. Massimo Arcangeli, leads students step by step into the learning of Italian language, illustrating the alphabet, demonstrating writing modes and explaining the grammatical structures. The videolessons are focused on words and single letters, which form them, that are represented by the relative images.


The video professor presents the objects that begin with letter discussed in the lesson; he stops on the picture, on the object shape, on its use in everyday life. He writes the word, pronounces it correctly and makes the learner link the words to the pictures in order to strengthen memory and develop the visual and auditory channels.

To this synthetic method is matched also the global analytical one and the lessons become a narration in the virtual world of Second Life. On Second Life, on UNINETTUNO island of knowledge we built a virtual house in the three-dimensional scenario: a theatre where the Avatars become actors that represent stories, events and activities of a typical Italian family.

“Welcome, Italian language teaching, culture of origin promotion - “I learn Italian. The Treasure of the Letters” is all of these. It is a true resource for foreigners, that is very useful in order to help them to communicate and successfully integrate into Italian society. Thanks to the Internet technologies, the video course is always available, and anyone, without limits of space and time, will be able to continue to study Italian in order to acquire the knowledge needed to build a successful future in our country” (Maria Amata GARITO)


Topics of the videolessons:

    •  Lesson n. 21: Future simple 
    •  Lesson n. 27: Modal verbs 
    •  Lesson n. 40: Conjunctions 
    •  Lesson n. 52: Past Simple 
    •  Lesson n. 77: Art in Italy 
    •  Lesson n. 79: Road Signs 

l. 01 Letters “ABCDEF”

l. 02 Letters “GHILMN”

l. 03 Letters “OPQRST”

l. 04 Letters “UVZ”

l. 05 Words “ABC”

l. 06 Words “DEF”

l. 07 Words “GIL”

l. 08 Words “MNO”

l. 09 Words “PQRS”

l. 10 Words “TUVZ”

l. 11 Pronouns and auxiliary verbs

l. 12 Body parts and auxiliary verbs

l.13 Indefinite Articles, the Masculine and Feminine

l. 14 Definite article, number of names

l. 15 Verb conjugations –ARE, -ERE, -IRE

l. 16 Reflexive verbs

l. 17 Reinforcing conjugations

l. 18 Descriptive adjectives and colours

l. 19 Days, months and seasons

l. 20 Trades and Professions

l. 21 Future simple

l. 22 Present Perfect (part I)

l. 23 Present Perfect (part II)

l. 24 Verbs partire, tornare and andare with prepositions

l. 25 Summary: vocabulary and grammar

l. 26 Vocabulary house and rent

l. 27 Modal verbs

l. 28 Interrogative, exclamative, negative sentences

l. 29 Nature: animals

l. 30 Animals and adverbs

l. 31 Adverbs of time and place

l. 32 Reinforcing simple and articulated prepositions

l. 33 Phone conversations and numbers

l. 34 Greetings and Polite Formulas

l. 35 Demonstrative, possessive, indefinite, descriptive adjectives

l. 36 Possessive, demonstrative, indefinite pronouns

l. 37 Degrees of adjective

l. 38 Means of transport and simple prepositions

l. 39 Schedules and means of transport reinforcing

l. 40 Conjunctions

l. 41 Imperfect and conditional tense

l. 42 Past conditional and Indefinite

l. 43 Imperative verbs

l. 44 Passive verb form (Part I)

l. 45 Passive verb form (Part II)

l. 46 Negation and direct personal pronouns

l. 47 Negation and indirect personal pronouns

l. 48 Irregular verbs

l. 49 Interrogative and ecxlamative phrases

l. 50 Doubt formulas and exclamative phrases

l. 51 Idiomatic expressions and Italian proverbs

l. 52 Past Simple

l. 53 Coordination and subordination

l. 54 Subjunctive mood: present and past forms

l. 55 Subjunctive mood: imperfect and past perfect forms and hypothetical mood

l. 56 Causal and temporal clauses

l. 57 Implicit causal and temporal clauses

l. 58 Final and relative clauses

l. 59 Word order and sentence structure

l. 60 Summary: nouns (gender and number)

l. 61 Summary: verbs

l. 62 Summary: possessive, indefinite and descriptive adjectives and personal pronouns

l. 63 Reinforcing direct / indirect and combined pronouns

l. 64 Documents, verb dovere, means of transport and technical vocabulary

l. 65 Reinforcing prepositions with the articles, concrete and abstract nouns

l. 66 Specialized vocabulary: medicine , and Summary: numerals

l. 67 Newspaper headlines

l. 68 Reflexive, reciprocal, and pronominal verbs

l. 69 Reinforcing Past simple and Imperfect

l. 70 Reinforcing Future indicative and Future perfect tenses

l. 71 Direct and indirect speech

l. 72 Personal and impersonal verbs

l. 73 Suffixes and prefixes

l. 74 Adverbs and compound words

l. 75 Italian cuisine

l. 76 Vocabulary: clothing, textiles, footwear

l. 77 Art in Italy

l. 78 Aesop's Fable and exercises

l. 79 Road Signs

l. 80 Non-verbal communication